Genesis—Turn It On Again—Amsterdam ArenA—Got tickets!


!¥€$!—Got three tickets for the Genesis concert in Amsterdam ArenA on Juli 1st, 2007! Woke up early this morning to set off for the Free Record Shop in Nieuwegein. While waiting at the front door around a quarter to nine, one of the employees arrived. I asked: “Do you have tickets for the Genesis Turn It On Again concert?”

“Sure,” she said. “We start selling at ten o’clock. Just a moment and I’ll get you a sequence ticket.” And a few moments later she handed me a small ticket with the number 214.

“Can I go and get a cup of coffee now? And what is a good time to get back here?”
“Sure. Come back around five to ten and you’re fine.”

So off I went, walked over to Albert Heijn, got myself a free cup of coffee, killed the time by reading and interviewing a few people and returned at ten. Got lucky. I was one of the few who was still able to get rank 2 tickets. Most of the others in line got worse places. Looking forward to see them play again.

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